• The best value for money and efficiency of the market to keep in good maintenance the sport ground of artificial turf. 3 in 1: clean, rot and brush. Working width: 1400 mm. Brush with fibre of 2.5 x 90 mm. Screener sweepers with 48 steel spikes. Two screener baskets of 6x14 mm. Measures (LxWxH): 1510x1500x290 mm. Weight: 46 kg.

  • Catalogue of machinery to maintenain the artificial turf of sport fields Download our catalogue in PDF

  • Metallic drag mat that expands and inserts the sand or the rubber. Light and flexible. It can be used to level or to rake clay courts or similar. Size: 91x150 cm.

  • Roller to collect the water of the paddle tennis and tennis courts. Standing water hinder the play. The roller has a width of 65 cm and integrated storage tank which can keep up to 55 litres. In addition, it can collect up to 60 litres per minute. It keeps the water inside to empty it easily. Total width: 85 cm. Weight: 20 kg.

  • Very practical and compact self-propelled topdresser. It is perfect to light top-dress. It is a very productive machine because its spreader width can be up to 6 meters. Its width of just 86 cm makes it perfect to use it in reduce areas. It is easy to move and efficient. It is a spreader topdresser with disc and HONDA engine.

  • The sweeper TERRA 160 makes an intensive cleaning of the artificial turf. It is a complement with Honda engine GX240. It does not need a tractor with TO or hydraulic socket. The top-dress material (rubber or sand) is collected by the brush and sent to the shaking screeners which remove the dust to a collection box and give the cleaned rubber back to the...

  • Professional towing spreader with capacity up to 500kg. Working width: 150 cm. Max. drag speed with vehicle: 15km/h. Hopper: adjustable in different sizes. Max. area of working with the full hopper: 4100 m2. Weight with the empty hopper: 250kg.

  • It lifts the fiber and redistribute the rubber.  The brush BR2 has a working width of 2m.  Measures: 200 X 100 cm Weight: 75 kg Minimum power required: 20 CV

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